Dream Cocktail Coconut Serum

$53.00 incl GST

A leave-in conditioning serum that re-hydrates dull, dry hair with a heat activated formula. Smooth and soften hair for a silky finish with Dream Cocktail Leave-In Coconut Serum by Color Wow.


  • Leave-in treatment that re-hydrates
  • Heat activated
  • Bonds an outer moisture sheath to each hair strand
  • Smooths and softens for a silky, glossy finish
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Free of parabens, sulphates and toxic ingredients
  • Recommended for dry, dehydrated and dull hair types

Color Wow Dream Cocktails turn blow-drying sessions into luxe treatments by infusing vital natural ingredients into the hair to help improve the overall quality of each strand. These nutrients are activated by heat, and improve the quality and texture of the hair throughout the blow-drying process. Coconut Serum uses an infusion of 18-MEA and Coconut Oil to treat dry, dull, dehydrated and straw-like hair by bonding an outer moisture sheath to each hair strand. The result: instantly hydrated and silky hair with a glossy finish. This leave-in conditioning treatment can be applied to extremely coarse, dry curls before Color Wow Dream Coat for extra hydration.