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The Society For Hair uses only the highest quality of hair extensions available. Our experts are all highly trained in the art of application, cutting, blending and colouring delivering exceptional results. We have tried and tested many types of extensions to bring you the best which is why we ONLY use Natural Beauty Hair Extensions.


Natural Beauty’s keratin bond falls seamlessly with your natural hair making it almost impossible to see. Natural Beauty’s bond is also very easily removed and causes no damage to your natural hair.

Our bonds stand the test of time, your NB hair extension will last up to 6 months, even after 6 months our bonds are still as strong as ever. When applied and maintained correctly our bonds do not shed or slip down the hair. After 6 months your extensions will still maintain the same density as our bonds do not allow the hair to shed, so your hair stays thick and lusious for the life of the extensions.


Why Natural Beauty over other brands and methods of application?

NB Hair Extensions blend with your hair so even when they are exposed they are hardly visible, where as other methods such as; microbeads, tape extensions and wefts are both uncomfortable and very obvious in your hair.

NB bonds last up to 6 months with no tightening needed where as all other methods require constant tightening that can become very uncomfortable and puts too much pressure on your hair and scalp causing breakage and scalp irritation.

With our bonds you will not get content slipping of the extensions like you get with microbeads. Our bonds are strong and do not shed so your extensions will not thin out over time like most others.

If you want natural looking thick lusious hair, look no further than Natural Beauty hair extensions.